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Simulation World's Ansys HFSS Track: How to Design Complex Electronic and Wireless Systems

Written By: 
Ansys ,Steve Pytel

Simulation World, the free digital conference targeting engineers and simulation experts, starts tomorrow! The online event will feature keynotes, guest speakers and specialists from various industries discussing how they use simulation to solve technical and business challenges. While keynote speakers and executives focus on bigger trends, technology tracks will dive into the newest workflows that enable faster innovations.

The Ansys HFSS Track debuts at Simulation World’s Solution Theater. It will feature leaders from Ansys’ development, product management and Ansys application engineering teams. They will discuss best practices that help maximize performance while solving difficult electronics and wireless design problems.

Check out the HFSS Track in the Simulation World agenda under "Hot Topics" and "Electromagnetics."

These design challenges range from vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions to complete digital products that include packages that are merged to dual in-line memory modules (DIMM modules) that are merged to motherboards — all using 3D connectors. This is accomplished with HFSS’ full 3D accuracy and fidelity. Simply put, we want to show you what is possible regarding HFSS’ capacity while not sacrificing accuracy.

The track’s keynote speeches will feature the HFSS development leader and lead HFSS product manager, Matthew Commens, who will discuss the HFSS solvers, high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities and significant technologies that have been released over the past few years.

At  Simulation World’s Ansys HFSS Track: The attendees will learn about the distributed memory matrix (DMM) solver, which is significantly faster than its previous incarnations while also providing substantial reduction in memory footprint (per machine memory requirement).

The DMM solver is extremely thorough. It models the minutest of details in the design and does not sacrifice accuracy for performance gains. It employs a unique technique which pays rich dividends for handling extremely large and complex designs like flip chips, ball grid array (BGA) packages or antenna arrays.

The distributed computing technology can be leveraged in Ansys Cloud. It engages message passing interface (MPI) interconnected compute nodes and also uses multithreading, resulting in faster simulations and significant reduction in memory footprint.

Ansys HFSS is a versatile 3D electromagnetic (EM) design and simulation tool for wireless and electronic systems.

Presentations following the keynote addresses will showcase leading Ansys solutions in electronics, radio frequency (RF)/microwave and wireless communications.

For instance, we will discuss the newest product in the Ansys portfolio: Ansys RaptorH. This solution uses the high capacity and fidelity of the Ansys RaptorX and HFSS engines to extract parasitics for radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) with unprecedented speed and accuracy, improving the signal integrity of RFICs — a key component of automotive radar designs.

We will also demonstrate another new feature, ECADXplorer, an easy-to-use interface in HFSS 3D Layout to import graphic design system (GDS) layouts of highly complex and dense integrated circuit (IC) designs such as interposers and high bandwidth memory (HBM) chips. Engineers can simulate these 3D designs using the HFSS field solver and take advantage of its capacity, robustness and unmatched accuracy for full-wave characterization of block-to-block coupling, or coupling between high-speed signal lines and the power-ground grid.

Look out for HFSS 3D component domain decomposition method (DDM), a breakthrough technology that eases the burden of matrix factorization and decreases memory requirements leading to solutions. In other words, it is as accurate as brute-force simulations but significantly faster. As a result, this technology can simulate large antenna arrays, 5G mm-wave base stations, microcells, automotive radars, satellite communications and more.

Finally, there will be 5G presentations describing comprehensive solutions for engineers striving to develop innovative, high-fidelity designs for user equipment, microcells, system-on-chips (SoCs) and large edge compute data centers.

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. To discover how to develop unimaginably sophisticated products, check out the HFSS Track in the Simulation World agenda under "Hot Topics" and "Electromagnetics."


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