Digital Transformation of Engineering Education Webinar Recording

Companies are facing increasing pressure to deliver products faster and with greater innovation. Simulation can play a critical part in digital transformation across the entire product (development) lifecycle. Bringing simulation upfront is a key part of digital transformation. Academia needs to adapt to these changing trends in industry in order to adequately prepare students for the workplace. 

Ansys Academic Webinar recording is now availible:  Digital Transformation in the Engineering Education Industry



This webinar highlights the different opportunities offered to academic institutions to help them develop their expertise in simulation techniques; from online learning resources, free student versions of the software, and even team sponsorship for various engineering competitions.

During the webinar, there will be a short demo of Ansys Discovery, the only product that offers instantaneous simulation results. This product enables design engineers to perform routine simulations on their own rather than wait days for results from expert analysts, while expert analysts can perform upfront simulations in minutes before conducting an in-depth analysis using Ansys Fluent/Mechanical. Ansys Discovery can be a unique addition to classroom discussions and projects, or to supplement final year projects where the focus is not necessarily on simulation techniques.

Date: 7th of July 2021

Time: 12pm


  1. Introduction (Qfinsoft)
  2. Why do you need simulation in Academia?
  3. What is Ansys Discovery?
  4. Demo – Ansys Discovery
  5. Ansys Academic Programme
    1. Campus license bundles
    2. Free student versions
    3. Ansys Learning Forum
    4. Ansys Innovation Courses
    5. Student team sponsorships


Dr Evan Smuts

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7th of July 2021
Online via Teams
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6th of July 2021

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  • I would like to hereby express my vote of confidence in Qfinsoft, in their ability to service and provide a strong support to us as a company.  We have been a customer of Qfinsoft for over a year and I am pleased to compliment them on their impeccable service offered to us thus far

    - Nico Gunther, Powertech Transformers

  • Since the introduction of ANSYS, more students are using first principles and FEA to validate their designs. This year, more than 60% of the projects were using FEA as a standard approach for numerical calculation. This number shows the huge impact ANSYS, had on University of Pretoria. FEA is not anymore a specialised tool for few users but a standard engineering tool easily integrated in the design process.

    - Francesco Pietra, University of Pretoria

  • For their consulting, training and technical support, Qfinsoft (Pty) Ltd must be the first choice of any firm looking for CAE experts

    - Prof G Akdogan, Process Engineering, University of Stellenbosch

  • At Aerospace, we have successfully used the ANSYS suite of tools to design high-performance gas turbine engines. Throughout this program, Qfinsoft provided valuable support and assistance to accelerate the development of our models. Their accessibility, short-turn around times and willingness to go beyond what is expected make them an effective partner on our projects. 

    - Dr. Hannes Pretorius

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