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Webinar on this exciting topic: Mixing Equipment Webinar:

Efficient and cost-effective mixing processes to bring quality products to market in less time. Mixing is a common “upstream” process among different industries; Mining, Water Treatment, Chemical, Pharma, Consumer Products, Food, among others. While the product is different, the objectives are similar, namely increase the yield (productivity) while ensuring the required mixing behaviour and hence the final product quality.

Mixing assets have a long lifetime and hence are not replaced readily, however, they may be retrofitted with different impellers/baffles etc. Additionally, one may need the capacity to scale-up or scale-down between different plants. The engineering challenge is how to predict their performance for different products and how to adapt them for process changes while maintaining product consistency and the objective of increasing yield.

In this webinar we will discuss how Ansys products and workflows can help tackle the challenges involved in the designing of mixing equipment. We will first look at the workflow for predicting the behaviour of the fluids using the Computational Fluid Dynamics tool, Ansys Fluent. The different models available in Fluent for mixing problems and where each are applicable will be discussed. Secondly, we will look at how one can use the Fluent results to analyse the structural integrity of the equipment using Ansys Mechanical.


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11th March 2022
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9th of March 2022

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