Ansys Discovery Webinar

10 Nov 2023 | 12:00-12:45 | Virtual

Join us for a demonstration webinar on Ansys Discovery on 10 November 2023 at 12pm.
This Webinar will illustrate how to combine interactive modelling and multiple simulation capabilities in a first-of-its-kind product. Ansys Discovery allows you to answer critical design questions earlier in the design process. This upfront approach to simulation saves time and effort on prototyping as you explore multiple design concepts in real time with no need to wait for simulation results.

Presented by – Izak Vorster – Qfinsoft

Who should attend?

  • Designers and design engineers working in the modelling environment doing conceptual or detailed design
  • Engineering teams who lack simulation expertise, or who are outsourcing simulation to obtain quick iteration results
  • Mechanical engineers or product development managers looking to explore fast iterations to provide an analyst with a narrow range of designs

    Ansys Granta Webinar

    Material Innovation with Granta Selector

    27 Oct 2023 | 12:00-12:45 | Virtual

    With tens of thousands of options and reliable data hard to find, selecting the best engineering materials can be challenging. How can you be sure that you are selecting the optimal material for your application?

    In this webinar, we introduce Ansys GRANTA Selector, the gold-standard for materials selection. With its powerful tools and comprehensive materials database, you can ensure you are making the optimal materials selection.

    What you will learn:

    How GRANTA Selector can enable smarter materials choices.

    Challenges in Working with Hydrogen

    25 May 2023 | 12:00-12:45 | Virtual

    Multiphysics simulation gives us the ability to explore and predict how products will work –or won’t work –in the real world. It’s like being able to see the future, enabling you to innovate as never before. For innovators, time is short, and resources are precious. To bring your Hydrogen ideas to life faster and more efficiently, you can rely on the predictive power of simulation

    Using hydrogen as a fuel seems so attractive because burning hydrogen only produces water. So, what is holding us back from moving to hydrogen use completely? Plenty. The most basic challenge is coming from the fact that it has less than a third energy per unit volume compared to natural gas. The poor volumetric energy density is creating issues in using hydrogen as a fuel. Not only this, but there are also challenges in all aspects: production, storage, transportation, and utilisation. Join this webinar to get an understanding on how the Ansys Solutions can help your company to play it’s part to create clean energy  for the future.

    1. Hydrogen Production Challenges
    2. Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Challenges
    3. Hydrogen Utilisation Challenges
    4. How Simulation can Help

    Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Webinar

    9 March 2023 | 12:00-12:45 | Virtual

    This webinar presents the new SPH module embedded in Rocky and how it further expands particle methods to cover both fluids and discrete solid elements.
    We’ll showcase application examples that further highlight the power of Rocky’s SPH-DEM coupling for solving practical problems in engineering applications.

    Optimisation with Rocky and Geomechanics Webinar

    23 February 2023 | 12:00-12:45 | Virtual

    In Geomechanics, optiSLang is used to read in real data and visualise what´s behind it. With the AI/ML based data analytics surrogate models will be built to identify the most important variables and their mutual influence. Diagnostics like “What if” studies and Predictive Maintenance can be done.